Our workshop at VAMOS! 2 August 2017

ANTI-Festival Kuopio Encounters community art project workshop. All are welcome.

During our workshop meeting 2 August at VAMOS! Sepänkatu 9, Kuopio. 2017 14:00 to 17:00

An overview of the project was be presented. In the workshop you will explore notions of self, mediated through text and images across platforms from real objects to social networks.

Part One: Performance and Identity: 

In-class exercises:

I. Create a personal narrative of your persona:

  1. A and B partners have a conversation, A tells B his/her personal narrative, B tells A his/her personal narrative.
  2. A writes one sentence about B, B writes one sentence about A
  3. A edits B’s sentence about A and B edit’s A’s sentence about B.CYMERA_20170802_084824
  1. enjoy naturenomadclever fox.jpg

II.Create a name of your persona:

  1. The group sits together in a circle. A introduces B
  2. Each person in the group invents a name for B’s persona and writes it on a small piece of paper.
  3. Each person explains their choice for the name.
  4. B collects each piece of paper with the names written on them.
  5. B takes all things into consideration and chooses a name for the persona.

III.Create an image representing your persona:

  1. Find the following:
  • One image representing the desires of your persona
  • One image representing a metaphor of the history of your persona
  • Three images representing the body of your persona
  • Three textures and or patterns representing the moods of your persona
  • One color representing the spirit of your persona

2. Combine the images into a collage visualizing the persona. fox.jpgester.jpgrainbow.jpgJohn Breezeobo


For more information: Jyri Väisänen / 050 409 8519 / jyri@antifestival.com



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